How to apply for a mortgage with the FHA?

Read more How to go from zero to a home loan with the Irish Housing Assistance Scheme. 

The loan you receive will have a deposit amount of up to €25,000, and the FHAS will issue a mortgage. 

A FHA loan is the equivalent of a loan with a fixed interest rate of 8 per cent. 

If you need help with your application you can contact the FHB or contact the Department of Finance. 

 The application fee is €60.

The FHA is Ireland’s biggest social welfare program and provides a wide range of assistance to the needy, including: subsidised housing, housing assistance, disability, and income support. 

The scheme also supports people with limited means, and it is available to those who have had no income for at least six months. 

People with incomes under €50,000 can apply to be eligible for the Housing Allowance. 

Income support is available in the form of Housing Allowances and is available for people with income under €100,000. 

FHA home loans are also available for young people aged between 15 and 24. 

To apply, you need to fill out the FHC Home Loan application form. 

A minimum of two letters of reference are required from: the applicant and the relevant housing authority, and a completed form is sent to the applicant. 

You can apply for an extension of time if you need additional time to prove that you are able to repay your loan. 

More information on the FHI Home Loan and FHA Home Loans can be found here. 

For more information, see FHSA home loan website.