Your student loans are in the hands of FHA and other federal loan servicers.

You might have already been approved for the maximum forgiven loan forgiveness for a child or dependent under your name, or the maximum reduced monthly payments you’ve been offered under your FHA loan.

The problem is that the servicer will often ask for information about you and how you qualify for the loan modification.

Here’s how to do that.

The first step is to go to the FHA Loan Servicer website.

You can use your phone or a web browser to log in.

There you’ll see your name and your account number.

Next, click the “My Details” button.

The next screen will ask you to select a loan type.

Select the “student loan” tab.

Then click the checkbox next to “Referrals and Cancellations” and enter your personal information.

This will show you a list of all your FHLSA and Department of Education loan modifications.

You’ll also see a checkbox labeled “Referred Loan.”

Click that to select the one you want.

Now that you have the referrals, cancelation, and cancellation fees and penalties, you can click the next tab to complete your application.

The FHA will send you an email asking you to confirm that you’ve entered the correct information.

Next, you’ll need to select your loan type and then click the submit button.

This may take a few minutes.

The email you received should include the details for the refinance, the fees, and the penalties.

You should also be shown a screen that shows you the amount of your refund.

Click the “Continue” button and your refund should be issued within 24 hours.

The Refund Request page will tell you the refund amount and whether it’s good or bad.

If you haven’t received the email yet, it’s because your FHSA loan modification was denied because the servicing agent was not a part of your FFA, FSA, or SSA.

That means FHA is only authorized to modify loans that have been granted the maximum forgiveness and that are still in default.

If you’ve applied for and received a modification, you may have received the wrong type of loan.

FHA cannot cancel or modify any of your loan modifications, so you’ll have to wait until you receive your refund to make sure you have received your full refund.

If your loan was approved for loan modification, the amount you’ll receive is based on the type of modification you were approved for.

You may have already received the full amount, which could mean your loan is in good or good-standing.

If it wasn’t, you might need to pay additional loan modifications or you might have received a late payment.

To find out more, visit the FHFA Loan Servicing website.

If the serviced loan was not approved for modification, but you still qualify for it, you will need to contact the servicers directly.

The servicer might be able to get you a refinance or loan modification of your own.

You can find out if the service you’ve selected is a part-time loan servicer, an independent loan servier, or an FHA-affiliated loan serviced lender.

To find out about all the FHLSE loan modifications you can qualify for, click here.