Auto loan calculator for consumers with an interest in a home, whether they are in the home equity lending or a non-home equity loan category.

It provides a simple, straightforward and accurate way to calculate how much you’ll need to pay down your mortgage if you can’t afford to pay your home mortgage. 

Aboriginal Home Equity Loans Are available to borrowers who are Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islanders, Pacific Islanders, or who are Indigenous, or people from the Northern Territory.

The Aboriginal Home Equity Loan category includes loans of up to $25,000 that are available to people aged from 16 to 64, and can be extended for up to 20 years. 

To find out if your loan is available to you, or to check if your lender is a loan lender for the Aboriginal category, contact your lender. 

Auto Loan Calculator for Consumers with an Interest in a Home, Whether They Are in the Home Equity Lending or a Non-Home Equity Loan Category  Aussie loan calculator is an easy-to-use, reliable, and accurate tool to find out how much to borrow on your car loan or your home equity debt.

It’s based on the US National Association of Realtors’ (NASR) Home Equity Mortgage Rate Calculator, which is the fastest and most accurate source for home loans and home equity loans available.

Aussie car loan calculator  is also based on NASR’s National Home Equity Rate Calculator and has the same ease-of-use and accuracy as the US Home Equity Calculator. 

Borrowing an Australian car loan is a simple and quick process. 

It is the easiest way to find the right loan for you. 

How much do Australian car loans cost? 

If you are considering an Australian mortgage, you’ll have to take into account:Your credit rating and the rate you pay The cost of any extra finance charges or finance packages What type of finance options you may be able to consider, such as car finance, leasing, insurance and so on Your credit history and any debt you might be able access with your home loans The interest rate on the loan(s)You can also compare the interest rates offered by the lenders in your home market and those in your preferred finance options. 

Read our Aussie car loans article for more details on the differences between Australian and US loan rates. 

Find out if the mortgage you are looking at is available for an Australian home loan. 

Home Equity Loans: Which are available? 

Home equity loans are loans from lenders in Australia and other countries, which are usually secured by a mortgage.

The home equity and mortgage-related terms and conditions of a home equity or mortgage-backed loan differ from those of a car loan.

The following table lists all of the types of home equity, mortgage and car loans available in Australia.

There are also many more loan types available, such for personal loans, corporate loans, home equity grants, home loans with higher interest rates and loans with fixed repayment terms. 

There are different types of car loans, with the following being the most common ones:Borrowers who are aged 16-64 may be eligible for a car or car loan of up from $25k to $75k, depending on the interest rate and the amount of cash available to borrow.

The higher the interest the higher the loan is.

Home loans that are secured by your home will usually require you to pay a fixed monthly rate, usually 3% of the amount borrowed.

If the interest is more than the interest you paid on your home, the lender may consider the loan to be secured by equity. 

Lenders may also require you deposit extra cash to cover a portion of the loan if you have too much debt.

A home equity bond is a type of loan, similar to a car, where the lender has a specific number of shares of the mortgage to pay. 

The lender typically pays the interest and dividends, but also takes on additional risk, such with the property, the loan and other risks. 

Car loan calculator  If you want to find information on what is a car and how it works, then check out the Australian Car Loan Calculator.