To keep your debt down and your credit score up, you should consider taking out an equity loan.

This will let you borrow against the value of your home.

With a lower down payment, it will also let you qualify for a lower interest rate on your auto loans.

Equity loans are usually more affordable than traditional auto loans, but you will still need to make payments on time.

Here are the best credit card terms to consider when shopping for an equity vehicle loan:1.

Auto Loan Amounts1.5% interest on new loans2.25% on new auto loans3.75% on existing auto loans4.75%, whichever is higher5.25%, whichever amount you like6.75%.

Some lenders will allow you to downsize the interest rate and the loan amount to a lower amount.7.

Auto Insurance1.

5% annual fee for auto insurance2.

20% per year for all other auto insurance3.

10% per annum for new auto insurance4.

10.5%, whichever amounts are lower5.


If you don’t have a car, the cost of car insurance is often cheaper than other car insurance options.

For example, if you own a 2013 Lexus SUV, your auto insurance will cost you $4,500.

If you also have a 2015 Toyota Corolla, your premium would be $3,000.

So you would save $1,500 if you purchased auto insurance on your car.