Students with federal loans often earn more than $20 a week, but some students find the job offers to be elusive.

The Associated Press spoke with several students about the job options available and how they got to the point where they earn enough to pay off their federal student loans.

“I am looking for a job where I can live in my own place, I am looking to have a career where I am able to get some kind of income,” said one student, who asked to be identified only as Mr. B. “The best way to do that would be if I worked part time at a fast food restaurant or maybe I would be a part-time employee.

I would really like to get into that position.

The job is not necessarily necessarily something that you would be able to do in five years.

It would be something where you would definitely have to look for a career change.”

The AP also spoke with students who worked for a nonprofit that helps students in low-income households pay off student loans and those who work in the construction industry.

“Most of my friends, especially in the past year or so, I think, had to take out loans,” said a student who requested anonymity.

“Some people that I know, they have gone through a lot of stress.

They have gone to the emergency room.

I know a lot more people that have to do this than others.”

Another student said he is in the process of getting a bachelor’s degree in public health.

“For me, I need to go into this career to be able help people,” he said.

The AP’s Emily Smith, Jennifer Mascaro and Julia Hitt contributed to this report.