Navient Student Loans has found the most popular student loan products for students with credit scores below 150 and $50,000 in debt.

The data shows that students who have credit scores above 150 and debt totaling $50 million have the lowest interest rates.

The biggest borrowers of all are students with an average credit score of 300 and below.

Students with an overall credit score above 150 are paying the most.

Navient says they are also paying off more debt for students who don’t have an income.

The next question is, what are the most affordable student loans?

Navient gives us some guidance in the chart below.

Here’s how it breaks down by student loan type:1.

Consumer credit: $6,800.

This is a credit card with a fixed monthly payment of $200.

This type of loan is the best option for many students with no down payment.

The monthly interest rate is only $1.50.2.

Consolidation: $12,000.

This credit card offers a 5% down payment plus a variable rate of 10% with no minimum down payment or interest.

It can be used for a loan to purchase property.3.

Traditional: $16,500.

This card offers an interest rate of 2.8% per month with no monthly payment.

If you have a balance on this card, it will pay back a portion of the balance.

This loan can be financed with a line of credit, a line-of-sale loan or a personal loan.4.

Fixed Rate: $26,500, with a $1,000 down payment and a variable interest rate.

This debt is secured by a mortgage and requires a minimum downpayment of at least $500.5.

Variable Rate: No downpayment.

This term is more common with a mortgage, and has a higher percentage of down payment than the traditional term.

The variable interest is 5% per year, which can be paid off over time.6.

Direct: $34,000 with a variable 3.9% APR.

This interest rate has a 0% APR, and is the lowest on the list.

The interest is paid monthly.

The term is also not secured by mortgages or other loans.7.

Federal Direct: This is the cheapest option for students paying off student loans.

This can be the cheapest debt financing option available, and offers no downpayment or interest on this debt.8.

Payday Loan: This loan is a Direct Consolidation loan with no annual fee.

It is available to those who have a minimum balance of $500 or less and a $5,000 monthly down payment, with no maximum interest.

Payoff can be done online, by phone or in person.9.

Personal Loan: Students can also use this type of student loan to pay off personal debt.

It offers a fixed rate of 0% with annual fees.

This student loan can also be used to pay for home improvements, such as remodeling.10.

Direct Consolidated: This type offers a 1% interest rate with no limit on the amount of payments that can be made, and no minimum payments.

This product offers a low monthly payment that can work out to less than $2,000 a month.

This makes it an attractive option for families looking to pay down a mortgage or down payment on a home.11.

Pay As You Earn: This student loans offer a 5.8%.


It’s a variable 5% interest, with an annual fee of $1 to $1