Loan officers, senior executives, and even senior bankers are facing tough times as foreclosures across the country have reached record levels.

But are the banks themselves to blame?

Is the housing market too big to fail?

Are investors simply too optimistic?

These questions and more are explored in Next Big Futures, a new series examining the financial implications of the housing and foreclosing crisis.

This week, Next Big Finance provides a brief overview of the foreclosure crisis in the U.S. and what the banks are doing to help them deal with the situation.

The U..

S.’s housing bubble is no more.

The financial system is stable and growing, and it’s time for banks to focus on the issues facing their customers, according to a new report from Next Big Financial.

This new report finds that banks and regulators are not making enough progress to fix the foreclosure problem, which is far larger than the problem at the time the bubble burst.

The report, titled “The Collapse of the Financial System,” was released on Thursday by Next Big, a leading independent research and consulting firm.

It’s the latest in a series of reports that focus on key questions that will shape the next five years.

The biggest culprits behind the current crisis are too big, too big: high interest rates, insufficient regulation, and excessive leverage, according the report.

In addition, too-big banks like JPMorgan Chase and Bank of America are now facing pressure to make significant financial contributions to help fix the problem.

“These are big questions that have gone unanswered for too long,” said Andrew Pfeifer, a managing director at Next Big.

“Too-big, too fast, has taken the place of the long-term financial crisis.

But now is the time for regulators and policymakers to step up.”

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