A federal judge on Thursday denied a petition by a group of veterans seeking to have the VA’s Motorcycle Insurance Program regulated by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The group, Veterans of Foreign Wars, filed the petition with U.S. District Judge Katherine Forrest on behalf of the veterans of Afghanistan and Iraq who have experienced a range of hardships during the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

The petition also asked Forrest to block the VA from providing motorcycle loan applications to individuals who were not eligible for the program.

“This petition seeks to protect the American taxpayer from the fraudulent use of the Motorcycle Safety and Accident Insurance Program by the VA,” the petition reads.

“The petition requests the court to protect taxpayer funds and prevent the VA and the Department from violating the constitutional right to free speech guaranteed by the First Amendment.”

In a separate ruling on Wednesday, the U.N. Human Rights Council also denied a request by the United States for the U,S.

government to investigate the actions of the Afghan government in killing more than 1,200 U.K. civilians.